new in germany


new in germany

New in Germany

Things to do when you are new in Germany

We tried to summarize all the important points: What you have to do and know if you are new to Germany – this page will support you.
1. Register
  • When you got your flat, you have to register yourself. This is done at an office called “KVR” or “Bürgerbüro” in a city or “Gemeinde” if it’s a village.
  • Every flat has got some specific rules. It is important to know them, they are called “Hausordnung”. Usually, you find this Hausordnung at the corridor / entrance of the house. It conatains important rules and also important hotlines.
  • German public television is something, everyone has to pay. The authority for that is called “Beitragsservice”. Good news: you can join online.
2. Important: how 45 € can safe you millions

The absolutly must have in Germany

Imagine: You cross the street, typing on your smartphone. You don’t see that driving car that has to avoid because of you. It crashes into parking cars – damage is 20.000 EUR because of you. Are you able to pay that?

If people get hurt, the claim might reach millions and German “Haftpflichtversicherung” covers the risk. It can protect you from millions of payments – but it costs not even 45 EUR a year. Please find here a website, where you can compare and select the best German Hafpflichtversicherung for your needs. It’s the most important thing you have to do, when you are new in Germany and stay here for a while.

► get it here

3. Get a German bank account

Bank account in Germany

Of course, you also need a bank account if you are new in Germany. It is good to choose an international one like HypoVereinsbank as they have branches all over europe. There are also small ones like Sparkasse and VR-Bank which only act local. It’s your choice so choose a bank that fits to your needs.

► Compare bank conditions

4. Find friends

How to make new friends in Germany

If you are new in Germany you might look for some friends. People in middle Europe are restrained but if you make friends there you can realy trust them. Friends will help you, show you arround and make your life more easy – specially when you’re new in Germany

To find friends in Germany that’s why is here! Now you can make new friends in Germany effortlessly. Best of all: is 100% free!

► join now

5. Get online

Connect – Get online

The internet is called “DSL” and if it is the fast one “Glasfaser”. There are large and expensive providers like Telekom and Vodaphone but also excellent local providers like M-Net. The contract usually is for 2 years and includes the router as hardware and a service number for support.

► Compare providers

6. Behavior in Germany

Behavior in Germany is more or less a “treat others as you would like to be treated yourself”. So for everyone who is new in Germany this basic principle might help.

Furthermore there are some rules you should know. Like good and bad conversation topics for all kinds of conversations with Germans.

Negative behavior:

  • don’t listen loud music in public 
  • don’t do loud phone calls in public
  • don’t be agressive
  • don’t ask private things in office

Positive behavior:

  • be quiet and attentive
  • keep the door open for people behind you
  • ask others, how they feel. Be open and emphatically
  • act with respect and always polite
  • use the polite “Sie” speech for new contacts
  • try to learn German. Start with some words.
7. Healthcare in Germany

About healthcare in Germany

Everyone who lives in Germany has to have a healthcare insurance. If you don’t have one, you aren’t insured and there are high penalties. Therefore it’s realy important to care about this topic when you are new in Germany. 

  • The “public” healthcare system is covering costs for doctors, dentists, hospitals and the medicine you need. The contribution is 14.6% of your salary and your employer is paying another 14% to the insurance company. The amount is automatically withdrawn from your salary.  Although the statutory benefits are identical, it is worth comparing services.
  • The “private” healthcare system is covering the same costs but offers a better service, better treatments, faster appointments and you get access to specialists. The contribution is rising from year to year. It is not linked to the salary and most important to know: you can not switch from “private” to “public” system.

► Compare healthcare insurance

new in germany

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