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new in germany

New in GermanyThings to do when you are new in GermanyWe tried to summarize all the important points: What you have to do and know if you...

Find friends by hobbies

Making friends about hobbies - how does that work? Depending on the hobby, this is easier or more difficult, but the good news is that it...

Find friends as au pair

After leaving school or studying, many take the opportunity to spend time abroad as an au pair. That's fun, of course, but it's even more...

make new friends for adults

Finding new friends for adults can be difficult. Of course as a child, you had friends and during your studies, attended parties and...

Find friends while learning German

Making friends during learning German at first it sounds quite good because it combines two things. German is a difficult language and...

Die besten Spiele für Spieleabend mit Freunden

So ein Spieleabend mit Freunden ist einfach ein genial. Ein Spieleabend macht Spaß, kostet keinen Eintritt und sorgt für Gesprächsstoff....

Phantasialand Gewinnspiel

Kostenlos mit Freunden ins Phantasialand Das Phantasialand in Brühl bei Köln zählt zu den beliebtesten Freizeitparks in Deutschland. Nach...

Europapark Freikarten gewinnen

Kostenlos mit Freunden in den Europapark Der Europapark in Rust bei Freiburg ist der zweigrößte Freizeitpark in Deutschland und in ganz...

Freikarten und Gratis Tickets

Freikarten für Freizeitparks, Gratis Produkte oder Freifahrten – hier ist die Kategorie für alle Freebies auf Like die Seite auf Facebook damit du nichts verpasst.

How to find German friends

How can I find German friends? This article is intended for people who come from abroad. If you prefer the German version of this text,...

How to find German friends

How can I find German friends? This article is intended for people who come from abroad. If you prefer the German...

good and bad conversation topics

You want to find some German friends and therefore, let's take a look at good and bad conversation topics to start...

Find friends while learning German

Making friends during learning German at first it sounds quite good because it combines two things. German is a...


To find friendship in Germany can be an exciting, versatile and varied experience. offers you a comprehensive amount of content to assist in your search for new friends. All of this content is sorted into categories. Most of the content is in German, but soon we will have all content in both English and German.
The  “Find Friends” section of the website lets you search for friends in your city based on your interests. The “Make contact” section provides you with tips on how to get into conversations with new people more easily and efficiently.

Find friends app

The app to find friends in Germany

With the app you can read articles and apply the full range of possibilities offered within. The Find Friends App helps you find people with similar interests, who like you, are also looking for new friends.

Find our friends app is available for Android and soon for iOS. 4 you is purposely not a dating site and not another version of Facebook! is rather a collection of articles pertaining to topics of modern day friendship. Here you can read about different ways of networking, how to appeal to new people, and also discuss a variety of topics with friends.

There are a variety of themed sections on the website, such as the Africa Festival in Würzburg or experiencing what Nuremberg has to offer or cool events in Hannover. The topic of finding German friends is also a very useful section for those that have just relocated to Germany, whether is be for work, school or au pair.

It’s all about creating variety and memories that you can look back on positively.

It’s stupid to always do the same and expect a different outcome.”

(Albert Einstein)

Spieleabend Mit Freunden

Hauptsache Spaß

Der Spieleabend mit Freunden liegt absolut im Trend. Gemeinsam einen lustigen Abend verbringen und die Freunde der Freunde kennen lernen. So kannst du ganz leicht Kontakte knüpfen. Wir zeigen dir die besten Spiele für deinen Spieleabend.





Gute Idee

Für Spiele und Geschenke stellen wir die praktische Filter zur Verfügung. So findest du ruck zuck die besten Spiele für die WG oder kreative Geschenkideen für Freunde. Denn jeder weiß: “Kleine Geschenke erhalten die Freundschaft.” Und wer freut sich nicht, über ein Mitbringsel oder ein kleines Dankeschön?

Free Tickets

With your registration, you are entered to win free tickets or discounts for a variety of locations, such as theme parks or other recreational facilities.

As a registered member you also have access to a special area with special offers. For example, the popular Holiday Park discount.



neue Freunde finden

Ab einem bestimmten Punkt, dreht sich das gesamte Leben um die Familie. Kindererziehung, der eigene Haushalt, die Ehe wird deshalb zum Absoluten Lebensmittelpunkt. Doch was ist mit Freunden?Lesezeit: 3 Minuten Freundschaft ist wichtig für ein...


Was bedeutet Gastfreundschaft - wo beginnt sie und wo hört sie auf und: welchen Stellenwert hat Gastfreundschaft in unserer Gesellschaft? Warum hilft es uns allen, gastfreundlich zu sein?Lesezeit: 4 Minuten Was ist Gastfreundschaft?Gastfreundschaft...

Getrennt glücklich leben

Eine Trennung überwinden, das kann vor allem emotional hart sein, weil von außen ein enormer Druck entsteht. Vor Kollegen und Freunden muss man sich rechtfertigen wenn das Idealbild der glücklichen Zweierbeziehung getrübt wird. Trennungen gelten...

It’s about YOU!

Make friends in Germany

Making interesting contacts and finding new friends – this often has something to do with charisma. But how do you get charisma? In other words, how do I affect other people in a positive way?

In the Personality section, you can learn a lot about yourself and do small experiments to further your success in finding new friends.

New in town

Whether you are new in Hamburg or in Munich or anywhere inbetween – new friends eventually need tob a made! Currently, you can find exciting events in 15 cities throughout Germany and Austria with more cities to come. Make new friends in Germany – today!

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Not easy. There you are at the top location, you also see nice people around you but you just can not bring yourself to talk to them! The conversation advice will be your source of help in such situations. And because we want you to have fun, it’s all 100% free.

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