Find friends as au pair


Find friends as au pair

After leaving school or studying, many take the opportunity to spend time abroad as an au pair. That’s fun, of course, but it’s even more interesting when friendships are made in the host country. Conversely, it is always a challenge for Aupair in Germany to find a connection.
In this post, you will get tips so that you can find friends as an au pair in the host country and get to know a lot of nice people.

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Give tutoring

Language connects. As an Aupair you speak at least two languages, use your talent and give language courses. You will automatically meet new people, help other people and also train your own skills.
You can either find tuition students through the bulletin board at the university or through ebay classifieds. Both are simple and effective.

Freunde finden als Au Pair gelingt gut über Nachhilfe.

Nachhilfe geben als Au Pair

The same applies, of course, if you do not speak the language of the host country so well. Visit a language course on-site and you will find friends who are in the same situation, people who speak your language and can also give you tips for being an au pair.

With tutoring you can accomplish three things at the same time: learn language, make money and make friends in the host country!



In the host country you want to experience something. Logical. If you travel around, offers or airbnb the opportunity to spend a cheap night while connecting with the countryside and people. The hosts sometimes show you around or give you tips. Just ask. Making friends as an au pair is so good on couch surfing.


Freunde finden als Au Pair

Sport verbindet und hilft beim Freunde finden.

Clubs, hobbies and fitness

If you’re playing football, playing volleyball or any other sport. Whether jogging, climbing or chess: you can be sure that in the host country there are also teenagers with their hobbies. It is advisable to make contact before you travel. Google just “your hobby + host country + city” and you will discover a number of possibilities. Advantage: You can continue to pursue your hobby in the host country and meet cool people with the same interests. Hobbies are therefore perfect for finding friends as an au pair.

In Germany, clubs are the first port of call when it comes to hobbies, but that’s often not the case abroad. So if you do not find a suitable club or club, consider Look for a gym near you.


Au Pairs in your area

Often the placement of au pairs takes over an agency. If you have chosen this path, ask the agency for more au pairs in your area. These are very likely from different countries and thus of course also an ideal base to get to know new perspectives and make friends and friendships around the world. You become acquainted with interesting people in this way and you can, for example, Conduct exciting conversations during a game night. By the way: if no agency has arranged you, look for au pairs in the region of your host parents on Facebook or on Google. Make sure that the information is up-to-date (sometimes au pairs have already left).

Therefore, finding friends as an au pair offers a number of interesting and also free options. Compared to expensive contact portals you save money and get to know a number of interesting people.



Au Pairs in your city

If you are an au pair in Germany then you are sure to find help under our rubrics “new in Munich”, “new in Hamburg”, “new in Berlin” to find au pairs and friends in your city. Again, it makes perfect sense to network with other au pairs. I know cases where the host family did not behave correctly, working hours were not respected, etc. In such cases, it is helpful to have contacts in your town and talk with friends about your situation.

Game night with friends

Maybe it is a bit typical German but a game night with friends is always well received. We have therefore written you a suitable article. There you will find ideas for games, opportunities, tips for a successful game night as an Aupair and learn there how to make new friends for game night. All very easy, just have a look.

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Find friends as au pair

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Find friends as au pair

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